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Specialty Coverage

Political Risk Insurance

Petro-Chem is a recognized specialist in offering coverage for U.S. companies operating in foreign countries.
Investing in infrastructure and facilities in certain emerging markets countries raises unique governmental risks.
Working with worldwide insurers and U.S. Government agencies, we are able to structure novel programs to protect
both U.S. and foreign activities. Our Political Risk programs include such coverages as the following, that may have
an impact upon a project or revenue stream:
  • Confiscation
  • Expropriation
  • Nationalization
  • Deprivation
  • Contract Frustration
  • Exchange Transfer Controls 
  • License Cancellation 
  • Civil War
In addition to worldwide coverage, Petro-Chem offers specialized Political Risk Insurance programs and expertise for investors in the important geographical areas of:

  • Russia
  • China and the Far East
  • Mexico and all of Latin America
International Trade Credit Insurance
Similar to Political Risk Insurance, we offer Trade Credit Insurance for those U.S. companies or their divisions trading
with corporations in foreign counties. It addresses both Commercial Risk and Political Risk causing non-payment by 
Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
Kidnappings, extortion schemes and hijackings are faced by many corporations' employees.  Kidnap, Ransom & 
Extortion Insurance (K&R) can provide coverage for such events through a combination of financial indemnification and
expert crisis management. Coverage would include:
  • Coverage for kidnap, detention, extortion and hijack incidents -- foreign and domestic risks.
  • Payment of consulting services, ransom/extortion monies, legal costs, political repatriation, medical expenses and other covered costs.
  • An appointed Crisis Coordinator

Alternative Risk Transfer

With insured's facing an increasingly tightening Property and Casualty insurance market, many will be seeking
alternatives to conventional risk transfer for pricing and/or coverage reasons. Our firm has been a leader in developing
Alternative Risk Transfer options for clients in a variety of coverage areas. Some of creative concepts utilized include:
  • Insurance Captive formation (either offshore or domestic)
  • Fronted Arrangements
  • Stand-alone and Blended Finite Insurance
  • Multi-line
  • Self-Insured Retention and Program Financing Methods
  • Aggregate Programs

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